What You Can Change about Your Spouse (and What You Can’t)


In the late 90s, an off-Broadway musical titled “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” humorously captured a sentiment that resonates with many relationships. The trajectory of a marriage often follows a pattern: you meet, fall helplessly in love, get married, and then face the reality of being with someone different from yourself. As time passes, questions may arise: Did I make the right choice? Can I change my partner to fit my desires? In this article, we will explore the intricacies of relationships and why attempting to change someone fundamentally may not be the best approach.

Can You Change the Essence of a Person?

A person’s essence comprises the core characteristics and qualities that make them unique. These traits typically remain consistent throughout life and provide individuals with substance and permanence amid a changing world. It is essential to understand that demanding someone to change for you is not only unfair but also disrespects their identity. Attempting to alter the essence of another person is often futile and can lead to significant relationship issues.

The Reality of Relationship Conflicts

Conflicts are an inevitable part of any marriage or long-term relationship. Addressing these issues effectively is vital to maintaining a healthy and lasting bond. Below are some common areas of contention that couples may encounter:

Division of Labor

Individuals often grow up with different household dynamics, leading to varying expectations of division of labor in marriage. Discrepancies in household chores can lead to frustration and resentment. Instead of blaming your partner, consider communicating openly about the situation and finding a fair way to divide responsibilities.

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Financial Differences

At the beginning of a relationship, couples may overlook each other’s spending habits and income. Over time, financial disparities can cause tension. To tackle this issue, have open conversations about your financial goals and create a shared plan for managing money.

Love Languages

People have different ways of expressing love, which can lead to misunderstandings. Understanding each other’s “love language” can foster greater emotional connection and reduce feelings of thoughtlessness.

Tips for Handling Conflict in Marriage

Successfully managing conflicts is crucial for maintaining a harmonious relationship. Here are some tips to navigate through disagreements effectively:

Seek Understanding, Not Conversion

Instead of trying to change your partner’s perspective, strive to understand their point of view. Let go of the notion that you must “win” the argument.

Address One Issue at a Time

Avoid overwhelming your partner by addressing multiple issues simultaneously. Focus on resolving one problem at a time.

Brainstorm Solutions Together

Work as a team to come up with viable solutions that satisfy both partners’ needs and preferences.

Implement and Evaluate

Agree on the best solution and put it into action. Afterward, assess its effectiveness and be willing to adjust if necessary.

When Change Isn’t Possible: Considering Divorce

Sometimes, despite best efforts, partners may find themselves at an impasse. In such cases, it may become apparent that fundamental differences prevent the relationship from thriving. Divorce might be the necessary solution to pursue individual happiness and growth.

Embracing Conflict-Free Divorce with Hello Divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter and contentious process. At Hello Divorce, we are dedicated to providing conflict-free online divorce options for individuals seeking a peaceful and amicable separation. Our services aim to simplify the divorce process and empower couples to go their separate ways with dignity and respect.

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Relationships are complex, and navigating through conflicts requires understanding, patience, and effective communication. While change is possible, attempting to alter the essence of a person might not be the best approach. Instead, focusing on understanding and supporting each other’s uniqueness can lead to stronger bonds. In cases where differences prove insurmountable, divorce can be a viable option, and Hello Divorce offers a conflict-free approach to this life-changing decision.


1. Is it possible to change my partner?

While people can change certain habits or behaviors, attempting to change someone’s essence is usually not realistic or fair. Embracing each other’s uniqueness is essential for a healthy relationship.

2. How can we address financial conflicts?

Open communication about financial goals and spending habits is crucial. Working together to create a shared financial plan can foster understanding and harmony.

3. What if we have different love languages?

Understanding and embracing each other’s love languages can help bridge emotional gaps and strengthen the emotional connection.

4. Is divorce the only solution to relationship issues?

Divorce is a viable option if fundamental differences hinder the relationship’s growth and happiness. Sometimes, parting ways amicably is the best decision for both individuals.

5. How does Hello Divorce make the divorce process easier?

Hello Divorce offers conflict-free online divorce services, empowering individuals to navigate the divorce process with ease and respect. With their support, couples can end their marriage peacefully and move forward positively.

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