podcasts to listen to before during and after divorce

Podcasts to Listen to Before, During, and After Divorce


Going through a break-up of a marriage or relationship can be an emotionally challenging experience, leaving us feeling lost, alone, and scared. However, it’s essential to remember that we are not alone in this journey. In 2020, approximately 630,000 couples divorced in the United States alone, highlighting that many others are also facing similar situations. While seeking support from friends and family is valuable, sometimes we need additional perspectives and advice from professionals to navigate through this process successfully.

The Power of Podcasts

Feeling connected to others who have experienced similar challenges can significantly impact our mental health and overall well-being during difficult times. Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium to provide valuable insights and support to people going through divorce or relationship break-ups. These podcasts offer knowledgeable advice in an easy-to-digest and entertaining format, making us feel less scared and alone.

Our Favorite Podcasts for Divorced People

  1. Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle Hosted by Mandy Walker, a divorce mediator and certified divorce financial analyst, this podcast developed by Worthy supports women post-divorce. The podcast features interviews with experts on various topics, including dating, parenting, finances, careers, and wellness.
  2. Surviving Divorce Podcast GD Lengacher, a podcaster, life coach, and author, hosts this common-sense podcast. GD represents himself as someone who has been through divorce and aims to help others not only survive but thrive after their divorce.
  3. Divorced Not Dead Stylist-turned-reality star Carolyn Stanbury hosts this unapologetically wild ride of a podcast. Carolyn aims to change societal taboos and initiate conversations that need to be had about divorce.
  4. The Divorce Recovery Podcast Certified divorce coach India Kern hosts this podcast, which focuses on divorce as a transition and addresses the various emotional challenges that divorce presents. The podcast aims to help people go from married to “happily divorced.”
  5. Divorced & Done Canadian divorce lawyers Rob Woodward and Darren Schmidt host this podcast, recognizing that most people want their divorce to be behind them so they can move on with their lives. They simplify the legal process and empower individuals with knowledge and control over their divorce process.
  6. Divorce Goddess Podcast Hosted by Tosh Britten, a divorce coach, mindfulness teacher, Reiki master, and Kindness for Conflict® creator, this podcast offers supportive tips for those navigating divorce. The focus is on emotional and mental well-being, taking an integrated approach to life’s challenges.
  7. Divorce Conversations for Women Certified divorce financial analyst Rhonda Noordyk hosts this podcast, discussing everything from contemplating divorce to managing mindset about money.
  8. The Divorce Podcast Katy Daly, a relationship counselor and co-founder of amicable, hosts this podcast. It offers advice from post-divorce finances to co-parenting and features interviews with various experts.
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Podcasts for People Going Through a Break-Up

Even if you’re not going through a divorce, navigating a relationship break-up can be overwhelming. These podcasts cater to those in the middle of a break-up or contemplating one:

  1. Your Divorce Survival Guide Podcast Hosted by certified divorce coach Kate Anthony, this podcast helps listeners answer pressing questions, including whether they should stay in an unhappy and toxic relationship or leave.
  2. Doing Relationships Right Hosted by dating coach and relationship expert Jennifer Hurvitz, this podcast is designed for anyone currently in a relationship, ending one, or seeking relationship advice. It covers various topics affecting relationships, such as sex, dating after divorce, finances, and co-parenting.


Navigating through the break-up of a marriage or relationship can be an isolating experience, but with the wealth of podcasts available today, we can find comfort, support, and valuable insights. These podcasts offer perspectives from experts and individuals who have been through similar situations, helping us feel less alone and more empowered to face the challenges ahead.


  1. Why are podcasts beneficial during a break-up? Podcasts provide perspectives, advice, and support from experts and others who have experienced similar situations, making us feel less isolated and scared.
  2. Can podcasts replace professional help during a break-up? While podcasts offer valuable insights, they should not replace professional help. Consider seeking counseling or therapy for personalized support.
  3. How can I find the right podcast for me? Look for podcasts hosted by professionals with expertise in divorce or break-up issues. Read reviews and listen to a few episodes to see if the podcast resonates with you.
  4. Are these podcasts only for women? No, many podcasts are inclusive and cater to all genders going through divorce or break-ups.
  5. Can podcasts speed up the healing process after a break-up? While podcasts can offer comfort and guidance, healing takes time. Be patient with yourself and seek additional support if needed.
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