Movies to Watch if You’re Divorced

Movies to Watch if You’re Divorced (or Just Thinking About It)

When life throws us powerful changes like divorce, it can be challenging to find ways to cope with the emotional turmoil and the complex array of feelings that accompany it. In such moments, movies can act as a wonderful coping mechanism, validating our emotions and providing an outlet to release pent-up feelings. There is a plethora of movies about divorce, each with its unique perspective on relationships, heartbreak, and the human spirit. In this article, we will explore a selection of our favorite movies to watch when you need a laugh, cry, reality check, or motivation during this transformative phase.

Movies for When You’re Curious About Divorce

  1. Marriage Story: This brutally honest portrayal of a crumbling marriage delves deep into the complexities of co-parenting and the struggle to maintain amicability during a divorce.
  2. The Story of Us: Starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis, this powerful film emphasizes the importance of communication before, during, and after marriage.
  3. It’s Complicated: A comedy featuring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, this movie explores the challenges of moving on and setting boundaries after divorce.
  4. Crazy Stupid Love: Balancing comedy and depth, this film starring Julianne Moore and Steve Carell portrays the “should I stay or should I go” dilemma and its impact on a separated couple and their daughter.

Movies for When You’re Mad as Hell

  1. Waiting to Exhale: A must-see friendship movie that follows four women dealing with betrayals and heartbreak caused by undeserving men, with empowering scenes that will make you cheer.
  2. The First Wives Club: This laugh-out-loud film is validating for any woman who has been wronged by an unfaithful husband and seeks revenge, led by a stellar cast of kick-ass women.
  3. Diary of a Mad Black Woman: Although a bit over-the-top at times, this movie offers a satisfying journey of a jilted ex-wife finding her happy ending.
  4. What’s Love Got to Do With It: Based on the story of Tina Turner and Ike Turner, this film sheds light on the struggles of a toxic relationship, ultimately leading to Tina’s liberation and success.

Movies for When You’re Eager to Find Love Again

  1. Under the Tuscan Sun or How Stella Got Her Groove Back: Feel-good movies centered around strong, independent women living out their dreams and embracing new romances after divorce.

Movies for When You Need a Good Cry

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire: Robin Williams stars as a divorced father who disguises himself as a female housekeeper to be closer to his children, leading to touching realizations about parenthood.
  2. Hope Floats: Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. star in this romantic film with poignant moments that hit close to home for anyone facing co-parenting challenges.
  3. Stepmom: A story of triumphs and tragedies surrounding divorce, as a devoted wife played by Susan Sarandon navigates her husband’s infidelity and subsequent relationship with a younger woman, Julia Roberts.

Movies for When You Need a Laugh

  1. The War of the Roses: This dark comedy showcases the ugly side of a divorce that refuses to end amicably, taking humor to the extremes of marital disputes.
  2. Troop Beverly Hills: An 80s campy flick following a soon-to-be-divorced woman who leads a wilderness girls troop to prove herself as a devoted mother.
  3. Death Becomes Her: This film takes a darkly humorous approach to revenge and vanity, with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in a hilarious battle of egos.

When You Need Inspiration

  1. Eat Pray Love: Join Julia Roberts’s character on a transformative journey of self-discovery, as she chooses her happiness over a failing marriage.
  2. Joy: Based on a true story, Jennifer Lawrence plays Joy Mangano, who rises above her struggles as a single mother to achieve incredible success with her inventive spirit.
  3. Erin Brockovich: Another powerful true-life story, this movie follows a single mother’s resourcefulness, determination, and intelligence as she fights for justice.
  4. Wild: Reese Witherspoon stars in this inspiring tale of a woman’s solo adventure hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, seeking healing and self-discovery after her marriage ends.


Movies have a unique way of touching our hearts and souls, offering solace during life’s most challenging transitions, including divorce. Whether you need a good laugh, a cathartic cry, or a boost of inspiration, the silver screen holds a treasure trove of films that can help you navigate through the maze of emotions. Embrace the healing power of cinema and allow these movies to accompany you on your journey towards renewal and personal growth.


  1. Are these movies based on real-life stories? Some of the movies mentioned in the list are indeed based on real-life events, adding an extra layer of depth and authenticity to their storytelling.
  2. Can movies about divorce be therapeutic? Yes, movies about divorce can serve as a form of therapy, as they provide emotional validation and a sense of catharsis for those experiencing similar situations.
  3. Are these movies suitable for children to watch? Many of the movies listed address adult themes and may not be suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.
  4. Can watching these movies help mend a broken relationship? While movies can offer insights and perspectives, they should not be seen as a sole solution to mend a broken relationship. It’s essential to seek professional guidance and open communication to address relationship issues.
  5. Where can I watch these movies? These movies are available on various streaming platforms or can be rented or purchased through digital stores or physical retailers.

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