Divorce Survival Tips for INFP Personality Types


The INFP personality type, which stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving, is characterized by a deep understanding of emotions and an innate desire to connect with others on a profound level. INFPs are often seen as creative, artistic, and self-aware individuals who bring a unique perspective to the world. However, their sensitivity and self-critical nature can make facing divorce an overwhelming experience. In this article, we will explore tips for INFPs on handling divorce while maintaining emotional well-being and personal growth.

Understanding INFPs in Divorce

What makes INFPs different?

INFPs possess a strong sense of empathy and compassion for others, making them natural nurturers and caregivers. During a divorce, their loved ones may seek their support, adding additional pressure and emotional responsibility.

The impact of divorce on INFPs

Given their depth of emotions and sensitivity, INFPs can be highly affected by the upheaval of divorce. Feelings of self-doubt and self-blame may intensify, challenging their self-esteem.

Tips for INFPs to Navigate Divorce

Treat Yourself as You Treat Others

As an INFP, you are likely to put others’ needs before your own. During divorce, remember to extend the same empathy and compassion to yourself. Allow yourself time to grieve, process emotions, and seek support from friends and family.

Find a Positive Outlet for Negative Energy

INFPs may struggle with managing anger during challenging times. Engaging in physical activities like exercise or pursuing creative outlets can be effective ways to release pent-up emotions without harming relationships or well-being.

Work on Your Self-Esteem

Divorce can be a blow to an INFP’s self-confidence. Counteract negative self-talk with positive affirmations. Remind yourself that you have the strength to overcome challenges and create a better life.

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Say “No” to Rumination

INFPs are known for their introspective nature, but excessive rumination can be harmful during divorce. Identify triggers for negative thoughts and develop strategies to redirect your focus positively, such as meditation or seeking support from friends.

Don’t Wallow in Self-Blame

INFPs tend to shoulder unnecessary blame in divorce situations. Remember that a marriage involves two individuals, and it is not solely your responsibility. Seek support groups or therapy to gain perspective and move forward.

Recommended Reading for INFPs

  1. Divorce Healing: Embracing Guilt, Letting Go of Shame – This book offers valuable insights and exercises to help INFPs cope with feelings of guilt and shame during divorce.
  2. What Are the Tools in Your Emotional First-Aid Kit? – Discover practical techniques to build emotional resilience during challenging times.


Divorce is a complex and difficult process for anyone, and INFPs are not exempt from its challenges. As an INFP, you possess unique strengths and sensitivities that make the journey through divorce distinct. Remember to treat yourself with kindness, find healthy outlets for emotions, and work on building self-esteem. Seeking support from loved ones and accessing valuable resources can be instrumental in navigating this difficult chapter of life.

FAQs About Divorce and INFP Personalities

  1. Is it normal for INFPs to struggle with divorce?Yes, due to their empathetic and emotionally vulnerable nature, INFPs may find divorce particularly challenging.
  2. Can INFPs maintain amicable relationships with their ex-partners?INFPs value interpersonal harmony and are likely to try their best to maintain friendly relationships with their ex-partners if possible.
  3. How can INFPs help their children cope with divorce?INFPs’ natural nurturing qualities can be beneficial in supporting their children emotionally during the divorce process.
  4. What role does self-reflection play in an INFP’s divorce journey?Self-reflection is crucial for INFPs to understand their emotions and cope with the changes brought on by divorce.
  5. Where can INFPs find divorce support groups?Many local community centers and online platforms offer support groups specifically designed for individuals going through divorce, including INFPs.
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