A Kid With Two Homes – A Child’s Perspective on Divorce


In a vast sea of information about divorce aimed at adults, it can be challenging to find resources that truly cater to children’s needs and perspectives. However, there is a bright beacon of hope in the form of “A Kid With Two Homes,” a blog created by Bella Duncan, who experienced her parents’ divorce at a young age. Bella’s blog provides a valuable platform for kids of divorce, offering them positive coping mechanisms and the reassurance that they are seen, heard, and not alone in their journey.

Understanding Divorce from a Child’s Eyes

Bella’s Personal Journey

Bella’s Early Memories

Bella was just three years old when her parents broke the news of their divorce. Although she only has vague recollections of that moment, she vividly remembers other critical moments in the aftermath of the separation. From her father leaving the house to the first time she packed her bag to move between homes, Bella explains that divorce is not a one-time event but an ongoing process that requires continuous understanding and support.

The Power of Honesty

During this challenging time, Bella asked numerous “awkward” questions, seeking a deeper understanding of her situation. Her parents’ honesty played a pivotal role in helping her come to terms with the new reality. Open communication and truthful answers enabled her to accept her circumstances and adapt to the changes in her life.

Coping Strategies for Children of Divorce

Establishing a Sense of Belonging

Having a designated room in both homes provided Bella with a sense of belonging and stability. This simple yet essential arrangement allowed her to feel secure in each environment and made her transition between homes more comfortable.

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Respectful Communication

One of the most crucial aspects of co-parenting is showing respect for each other. Bella emphasizes that the way divorced parents treat each other significantly impacts their child’s well-being. By maintaining an amicable and low-conflict relationship, parents can create a more stable and nurturing environment for their children to thrive.

Overcoming Challenges

The Burden of Responsibility

Bella admits that as a child with two homes, she often felt responsible for her parents’ happiness and loneliness. However, over time, she learned to differentiate between what she could control and what was beyond her reach. Accepting that she wasn’t responsible for her parents’ divorce and focusing on her own well-being were essential steps in her healing process.

Positive Outcomes of Divorce

Despite the difficulties, Bella identifies several positive outcomes resulting from her parents’ divorce. Maintaining strong relationships with her grandparents, whom she spent a significant amount of time with, has been a heartwarming and invaluable experience. Additionally, the organizational skills she developed through managing life between two homes have proven beneficial in various aspects of her life.

The Vision of “A Kid With Two Homes”

In an exclusive interview, Bella Duncan shares her ultimate goal for “A Kid With Two Homes.” She aspires to provide an accessible and beneficial platform for kids of divorce, offering them positive coping mechanisms and reminding them that they are not alone in their experiences. Bella’s blog aims to be a guiding light for children navigating through divorce, separation, or family conflicts.


“A Kid With Two Homes” is more than just a blog; it is a testament to the resilience of a young girl who turned her personal experiences into a source of support and inspiration for others. Bella Duncan’s commitment to helping children of divorce feel seen, heard, and less alone shines through in her heartfelt advice and candid stories.

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Q1: Is “A Kid With Two Homes” suitable for both parents and children?

Yes, the blog caters to both parents and children, offering valuable insights and advice from a child’s perspective and guiding parents on how to support their children effectively during the divorce process.

Q2: Can adults benefit from reading the blog as well?

Absolutely! The blog provides adults with valuable insights into the emotional experiences of children during divorce, fostering better understanding and empathy.

  • Q3: How can I follow Bella’s blog and stay updated?

You can follow Bella and her blog, “A Kid With Two Homes,” on her Instagram page, where she regularly shares helpful content and updates.

Q4: Does Bella offer counseling or professional services for children of divorce?

While Bella’s blog provides invaluable emotional support and guidance, it is not a substitute for professional counseling or therapy. If you or your child need additional support, it is essential to seek professional help from qualified therapists.

Q5: Can parents contribute to the blog?

“A Kid With Two Homes” welcomes contributions from parents who want to share their experiences, insights, and strategies for navigating divorce while prioritizing the well-being of their children. Bella believes in the power of collective support and learning from shared experiences.

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